Filming projects on the water - What are your options?

Safety Boat for filming project

How easy is it to film from a boat?

The vast majority of viewers are not aware of the difficulty when filming on a moving vessel like a boat. The natural movement of water makes for a lack of stability that not only ruins most shots, but is likely to make the audience as seasick as it potentially makes the crew. Often, the flatter bottomed the boat the better, meaning that a pontoon could be the perfect solution if you need the most stable platform available.

Filming a boat requires precision, as does providing safety and logistical support. At National Marine, we've worked with a number of film-makers on projects ranging from Channel 4's Hollyoaks to TV adverts for McDonalds and have experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of supporting both large and small film crews. We have the expertise to advise on the safest and best option for the film-makers requirements.

Safety Boats and Pontoons can be used for filming in a variety of ways:

  • As a filming platform

  • As a safety boat, providing essential support to film crews

  • To be featured in the film or TV ad

  • To transport film crews to and from larger vessels

  • To transport film crews to areas which are difficult to access

  • As viewing platforms for essential personnel

If you are filming a project, find out more about how we can assist on our safety boat and pontoon hire pages.

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