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At National Marine, we always ensure that for any projects we are involved in we only use fully qualified skippers and crew on our MCA-coded boats. We have a passion to keep people safe on or near the water and we pride ourselves on the standards we hold when it comes to our responsibilities.

We are sure though that it would come as a shock to the vast majority of people to learn that the standards we hold for our skippers, crew and boats go well above and beyond the legal requirements for our industry, which only require one qualified skipper aboard. We believe in safety first (it is literally our middle name) and we will never cover a project or event without ensuring we are providing the best service available. It is our aim to raise both awareness of this fact and eventually raise the legal requirements to a standard we feel is safe.

As a company we have now also started to offer a range of safety training, available to anyone who is interested. These courses range from trailer towing to survival at sea and cover a range of skills and practical experience from experts in the field (or sea).

If you would like to find out more about our range of courses, check out our safety training page.

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