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Supacat 6x6

We are proud to announce the latest addition to the National Marine fleet, which is also the most unusual offering and enhances our water safety abilities even further. The Supacat 6x6 All Terrain Mobility Platform allows us to gain access to even the hardest to reach locations during tough conditions.

Used heavily by the military worldwide, it has historically been used for a variety of purposes including aircraft crash recovery, beach rescues and casualty evacuations.

It has the ability to carry large loads and with our additional floatation collar allowing both land and water use for the vehicle, the National Marine offering is a unique one within the UK, showcasing our desire to offer the best possible safety options on, in or near the water.

The vehicle can be hired for a number of purposes and our 24/7 emergency response number (0151 305 9999) means it can be used with quick response times in disaster recovery.

Uses for the Supacat 6x6 include:

  • Flood response

  • Fire and Rescue response

  • Fast response for casualties in hard to reach and flooded area

  • Powerline acces in flood conditions

  • and many more

For more information including a datasheet, check out our Supacat webpage or call us on 0151 909 8067 to discuss options.

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