Walk on water with modular pontoons

When it comes to carrying out work around the water, you want to know that you are using the safest option. One option for any work on water is a temporary pontoon.

What is a temporary pontoon?

A pontoon is a floating device that provides a stable platform on the water. Pontoons can vary in terms of size and how long they can be used for. For temporary works such as construction projects, a modular pontoon is the popular choice.

So, when is a pontoon the best option?

The obvious choice when working on water is to use a boat for access but a pontoon has many benefits. A modular pontoon allows you to effectively walk on water, giving access to previously inaccessible locations or expanding the working area alongside the water.

In comparison to a boat, it provides a far more stable platform from which to work and a lot more flexibility in terms of working area. Modular pontoons are easy to transport and can be assembled to size specifications to fit the purpose of the project.

Allowing access to bridges, canal/harbour walls and riverbanks in both shallow and deep water, popular purposes for pontoon hire include:

- Construction

- Filming

- Survey work

- Events

- Scaffolding

- Boat launching

A pontoon is an ideal solution when you need a sturdier platform from which to carry out your project or require the flexibility to create a workspace to fit your specific needs.

Pontoon walkway

If you are interested in modular pontoons you can find out more about them on our pontoon hire page.

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