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At National Marine, we decided to hire our first apprentice in September 2016. In an industry which requires a niche set of skills in a variety of areas we struggled to find staff that fit the company requirements. Our decision to train up an apprentice meant that we could pass on our knowledge in not just marine engineering but also maritime skills.

Our first apprenticeship experience proved to be so positive that we decided to once again invest in this area and took on another marine engineering apprentice and a trainee crew man in 2017.

We have found that multiple apprenticeship opportunities have been positive for both the company and the apprentices as they can share both their experience and knowledge to really get the most out of their time.

In the 18 months since beginning his apprenticeship Jack has progressed to workshop manager and won the Foundation Stage Apprentice award at The Engineering College. We have also seen Connor show real progress and a willingness to take on additional training having recently completed a First Person on Scene qualification.

We spoke to both Jack and Connor to find out why they chose to take on an apprenticeship:

"Apprenticeships are a great way to gain valuable skills and work experience whilst also gaining your qualifications. I have really progressed whilst at National Marine and have been gaining much needed skills and knowledge in the industry."

Jack Bendrey

"I chose to do an apprenticeship because I've always been interested in engineering and since I left school getting my qualification has been my top priority. An apprenticeship allows me to do this whilst gaining industry experience. I look forward to completing it here at National Marine."

Connor Watson

For more information on the work that Jack and Connor assist with including safety boats, pontoon hire, outboard engine services and boat repairs, check out our website.

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